Daily Prompt: First! Submission

I will do my F-Word of the day later this evening, but I couldn’t resist this writing exercise, for several reasons:

  • I published my first blog two weeks ago today
  • This is my first submission to Daily Prompt
  • I have experienced many firsts in the past few weeks
  • Today’s prompt word happens to begin with the letter F

I am new to blogging – a newborn infant still suckling from the blogging breast. I published my first blog on October 16th – fourteen short days ago.  I had read an article a few days beforehand that it was imperative, especially in today’s age of technology and social media markets, for a business to have either a website or a blog. In order to expand my internet presence as a freelance Virtual Assistant and new business owner of Virtually Self Employed.I figured the blog made more sense for me and would be easier to create. And my first blog, VirtuallySelfEmployed.com was born.

In addition to owning a blog, I also enjoy writing. Mostly fiction,a little prose here and there, and word-nonsense too. I had never shared my work with strangers for fear of someone telling me how terrible I was as a writer, or my mind is twisted, or both. Many pieces still live in a filing cabinet, hoarded treasures for me and me alone to cherish. Two weeks ago was the first time I let my writing escape the confines of home.

After I realized mixing professional and personal posts was probably not the best practice, I created a second blog, a place where I could explore the twisted side of my brain, without inadvertently offending a client or confusing my followers. “Reckless Abandon: Life is an F-Word” is my newest adventure, where freedom of expression and language use can be experienced, not just written or read. I created a daily exercise similar to the Daily Prompt called the F-Word of the Day, another first for me.

My 11-year-old daughter hates to read, but loves to write. We enjoy the F-Word of the Day exercises together, and we write stories almost nightly. Yes, you guessed it, another first.


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